Holiday Celebrations

gifts2016aTo celebrate the upcoming holidays, the Air Products Prism Membranes employees in St. Louis Missouri donated gifts to 73 local children in need. Gifts were purchased based on the children’s wish-lists and included toys like dolls, legos, racecars, and jewelry making looms.

The celebration continued with a site-wide potluck luncheon where employees brought in their favorite dishes to share. A lighthearted trivia rivalry game followed the potluck lunch and generated big smiles.

The Air Products Prism Membranes Team celebrates their colleagues and community and wishes to extend the holiday greetings to you too!


Oxygen Safetygram

Our membranes can be used to generate oxygen enriched air streams with o2 purity of up to 50%. On that note,  we have experienced an increase in OEA interest recently and wanted to remind everybody of the safety precautions of working with oxygen or oxygen enriched air. Here’s a great document that covers oxygen specific safety tips like:
• Keep non-typical ignition sources in mind when designing systems for oxygen use.

• In an oxygen-enriched environment, fire chemistry starts to change and materials become easier to ignite.

• Clothes can trap and hold the oxygen enriched atmosphere in the countless air spaces within the weave of the fabric. Hair poses the same problem.

Oxygen Enriched Air


For High Flow Nitrogen Generation

Our PA6050 membrane separator is used in high flow nitrogen applications such as the following:

  • Controlled atmospheres for fruit preservation
  • Compression packages for oil and gas related inerting
  • Corrosion prevention in overhead sprinkler systems
  • Spray painting applications
  • Shipboard or offshore packages

This durable membrane product operates at temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and/or pressures up to 350 psi. View the performance charts below and click to see the full data sheets for PA6050 with N1 fiber and PA6050 with P3 fiber.



New Wall-Mounted Membrane System

ecsOur innovative partner, Engineered Corrosion Solutions (ECS) recently commercialized a new wall mounted membrane system!

The “Fill and Purge” nitrogen membrane system displaces the oxygen in fire sprinkler piping to prevent corrosion.  The whole unit is conveniently sized and is well suited to inert dry sprinkler systems in retirement centers, shops, and other public locations. Learn more about the nitrogen capacity and installation steps in this comprehensive document.