Competing Air Dehydration Technology

Compressed air membrane dryers are typically smaller and lighter than desiccant and deliquescent dryers. More importantly, air dryer membranes require much less maintenance and attention than the other methods of dehydration. Check out our air dryer technology comparison below to learn more about the simplicity of membrane dryers.



Avoiding Membrane Failure

Prism Membrane separators are known for their reliability and longevity. Proper operation can help extend the membrane life even longer.  Here are two failure modes for membrane separators and what you can do to prevent them:

1. Contamination- liquids or solid particulates from the feed gas plug the membrane fiber and reduce membrane performance.
Avoid contamination by selecting and maintaining the proper upstream filters. Strategic system design and process control also help.

2. Broken Membrane Fiber-the hollow polymer fiber cracks and results in a loss of product or excessive air consumption.
Avoid broken fibers by operating the membrane within its temperature and pressure limits. Inserting fittings too deep, long term ozone exposure, and excessive cycling may cause fiber breakage too.

Prism Membrane customers are encouraged to utilize free technical support to achieve a successful system design which minimizes premature membrane failure.




Patented Coating Application Technology Uses Nitrogen

eurosiderNitrotherm Spray by Eurosider is a patented coating application technology which utilizes our Prism Membrane separators. These innovative systems use nitrogen as the carrier gas along with controlled temperature settings to achieve flawless coating applications. The systems reduce wasteful over-spraying and decrease application time.

In a recent article, Eurosider discussed the success of Nitrotherm Spray systems in the wood furniture market.  The application thrived in furniture manufacturing facilities in Europe and is now expanding into the United States. Automotive painting is another successful industry where the Nitrotherm Spray systems flourish.  To learn more about Eurosider’s innovative membrane systems, visit their booth at the Automechanika, tradeshow this week in Frankfurt, Germany.


How to Buy Prism Membrane Separators

We offer two options for procuring Prism membrane separators.
1. Buy a complete membrane system, engineered by Air Products
We offer turnkey membrane systems for large scale nitrogen production, shipboard gas generation, and process gas applications. Many of these systems are located in oil refineries, petrochemical plants, and ammonia production plants. Learn more about our membrane systems here.
2. Buy individual membrane separators and build your own systems
This is considered our “OEM” style of business. We partner with membrane system builders who have innovative applications for nitrogen, biogas, oxygen enriched air, and air dehydration. We supply the appropriate membrane, technical support, and preferred pricing and lead times while the OEM builds and sells the systems to end users. Learn more about our OEM partnerships and if you would like to use our membrane technology in your gas systems, please contact us here.


Plant Efficiency

It’s “Photo Friday” and here is a snapshot of our new, maintenance free LED lights. We are focusing on efficiency and power reduction at our membrane manufacturing facility…and these new lights are a perfect upgrade!


Biogas Upgrading Technology Comparison

Membrane separation is one of many ways to separate methane from Co2 in biogas upgrading applications. It’s our favorite option, (obviously) and here’s why.
• Compact size & weight
• Scalable
• Low capital investment
• Long membrane life
• No water source needed
• Low to no maintenance

See the biogas upgrading technology comparison below for more details.