Every Time the Bell Rang, They Smiled

They heard the crackle of the PA system and then a little bell chimed throughout the building. Everyone would stop what they were doing and they’d look up with a big smile. oldbuildingThe membrane separator business just made some MONEY!

Back in the 1980s, our business unit operated more like today’s typical startup. A lot of people worked hard to discover new ideas and to develop successful membrane solutions. It was an exciting time. But big sales were few and far between. So when an order for membrane separators did come in, it was worth celebrating.

That’s why our sales team would ring a bell over the building’s PA system. It sparked a little excitement and congratulated the whole organization. Today, our membrane separators are much more mainstream, but our team still feels the appreciation when we review the order book each Tuesday morning.

We don’t ring a bell for every order anymore…that would get annoying. But a lot of us remember the days when we did. And we’re excited by how much our business has changed and grown since then.