Why We Don’t Really “Market” Our OBIGGS Product to the Public

Here’s the truth, there are very few end users of our membrane product in the aerospace industry. It’s pretty much three or four of the world’s top aerospace companies that complete the list. That’s why we don’t market our OBIGGS (on board inert gas generating systems) product to the public. It would be ineffective for us to place wide spread advertisements about this product when it’s only relevant to a teeny tiny population.

OBIGGS Aerospace Membrane

BUT THIS IS OUR COOLEST PRODUCT and that makes the silence painful to extroverts like me. So let me brag about this for just a second. In the building that I’m sitting in right now, we are manufacturing a product that prevents airplanes from exploding in mid flight. How significant is that?!


See, as an aircraft uses up fuel during its flight, the resulting empty space inside the fuel tank can fill with highly flammable fuel vapors. In order to ‘inert’ (or prevent fires in) the fuel tank, nitrogen is pumped in from our membrane separators.  This creates a much safer environment since fire doesn’t burn in the presence of high purity nitrogen.

The next time you are on an airplane going on vacation, or a business trip, think about this. It is highly likely that our membrane separators are below deck generating nitrogen to keep you safe. I don’t really enjoy flying on airplanes very much (I know, I know). But when I do fly, I certainly like knowing that our product is down below making the journey safer for me and everyone else onboard.

Written by Allie Douglass