When You Need Nitrogen…

The good news for you is that when you need nitrogen, there are many supply modes to choose from. Here are a few:
• air separation using hollow fiber membrane separators (the obvious favorite on this blog)
• high volume nitrogen pipeline supply
• nitrogen cylinder tanks
• cryogenic separation units
• pressure swing adsorption units
Our parent company, Air Products, pretty much supplies all of these options, but this blog isn’t about them! It’s about why people specifically choose PRISM Membrane Separators as a means of nitrogen supply. And to be honest, there is a pretty simple explanation of our niche market. Mobile. Medium flow volume. Convenience. Many of our customers use nitrogen in mobile applications like on airplanes or shipping vessels… places where enormous cryogenic units or PSAs just don’t fit well. You might be thinking ‘a cylinder would fit on a ship!’…but would the crew really want to change out cylinders every time they are in port? Not really. They prefer the no-maintenance convenience of nitrogen membrane systems. Learn more about our other nitrogen membrane applications like tire inflation, beer dispensing, and food preservation.