Seeking Stability

If it is 10am on a Wednesday, you are not going to be able to use our Continuous Improvement Conference Room… you will have to use Conference Room 2. That’s because our stability team will be in there holding the universe together…ok that’s dramatic… but what these operations and engineering folks are doing is seeking stability in our membranes manufacturing process.  They analyze charts of performance and if anything seems to be trending off course, they investigate the issue. One little dot on the chart wiggles off course, and they’re down there measuring the humidity, the temperature, and all of the tricky little things that make manufacturing membranes a challenge. If we don’t continue to monitor these changes, how will we ever expect our customers to trust that we are putting our best product out there?  We do it because we have our priorities straight and safely making a great, reliable, long lasting, highly performing membrane is the most important thing we do here.