…and don’t call us Permea!

Somehow, after nearly twenty years, we are still having an identity crisis. The name of our business unit used to be Permea, but in 1991, we were acquired by Air Products and eventually changed our name to Air Products PRISM Membranes…or APPM for short.  Yet, we are still commonly referred to as Permea, and I think there are two reasons for that. One, we actually do have a small sales and engineering branch in Yantai, China that goes by the name of Permea China Limited (or PCL). The Yantai branch chose to stick with the Permea name even after the acquisition due to its longstanding brand traction and reputation in China. The second reason, I think, is that we are a small business unit within Air Products, so there are probably not many conversational chances for people to say “hey, those folks in Saint Louis are actually called PRISM Membranes, not Permea.” And probably a third reason, I know I only said I had two, but really a third reason is this…we probably won’t correct you. Regardless of our name, we’re still the same group of folks who’ve been bringing you long lasting, reliable membrane separators since the early 1980s.