Explaining Our OEM Preferred Partnerships

In our building, the terms OEM, Preferred Partner, and Customer are used interchangeably and we just can’t help it. The OEM (or preferred partner) approach to our business means that we manufacture reliable, long lasting membrane separators…and then we sell them to companies who build their gas membrane systems with our product inside. Examples of these specialty systems include controlled atmosphere systems for food preservation, nitrox systems for scuba diving, pneumatic air dryer systems, and biogas upgrading packages. We don’t build these smaller, specialty systems, we sell our membranes to the experts who incorporate them in their system design.

Let me repeat, we don’t build these smaller specialty systems, because we’re not the experts in all these different fields. We partner with the most experienced and well versed OEMs in each industry and leave the niche expertise to them- and they like that. That means that at Air Products PRISM Membranes, we can put all of our efforts towards perfecting the membrane products. This relationship of specialization with our partners is what makes our business successful.

What we offer Preferred Partners
-preferred membrane pricing
-technical support
-priority lead times
-occasional end user inquiries for system quotes

The Preferred Partner’s Job
-frequently build innovative gas generating or gas purifying systems using Prism Membrane separators
-sell or rent completed systems to end users or distributors

We are currently accepting new partnerships and we encourage you to inquire via email.