What’s the difference between our P3 and N1 Fiber?

We are often asked about the difference between our P3 fiber products and our N1 fiber products for nitrogen generation. While the membrane separator modules look identical on the exterior, the internal fiber is very different. N1 fiber is manufactured from a polysulfone polymer and P3 is created from a proprietary polymer. Both products are great solutions for separating air, but here’s how we help customers determine which product might be best for their applications…

Use P3 Membrane Products to generate the maximum amount of nitrogen with the least amount of air. P3 favors nitrogen recovery and operates at a low cost, but requires a higher initial investment. Many customers will choose P3 when power costs are high.
Use N1 Membrane Products to generate more nitrogen with a lower membrane module count. N1 consumes a bit more air, but it is offered at a lower capital cost. Many typical nitrogen applications use N1 fiber.