Explaining our Biogas Membrane PED Certification

An interview with a PRISM Membranes employee.

Which PRISM Membrane products are PED certified?

All six of the PB biogas upgrading membrane separators are certified to the European PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) requirements.

How do the Prism PB membrane separators differ from competing biogas membrane products?

Some of our competitors offer biogas upgrading separators which are not PED certified. One company, who had previously used our competitor’s membrane product, was required to build their own pressure vessels around the units for secondary containment. This was an expensive inconvenience for the company, which was even more evident when the system included 80 membrane separators. Choosing the PED certified Prism PB membrane separators will eliminate the need to build expensive secondary containment pressure vessels.

How does Air Products obtain the certifications?

In the beginning developments of our PB biogas membrane separators, our engineering team researched the PED requirements for pressure vessels/flammable gases and designed the membrane to meet the directive. The lightweight aluminum shell was selected over stainless steel because it provides the pressure safety element while also allowing the membrane unit to be installed into compact locations without lift-assist equipment. The PED certification requires a series of internal tests and documentations as well as design and sub supplier audits.