It’s All About Nitro Coffee

joetapnitrobrewWe are thrilled to announce that our membrane has been selected for one of the most exciting developments in the beverage world, Nitro Coffee. Our partners, JoeTap and Micro Matic are cranking out countertop nitro systems designed for convenience stores, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and offices.

These membrane systems have an increased safety and convenience factor when compared to nitro coffee systems that use nitrogen cylinders. There are no repetitive tank changes or lugging of heavy cylinders. The membrane unit generates nitrogen on the spot with a ‘set it and forget it’ mentality for system operators.

The best part about being involved in nitrogen applications like nitro brew coffee is that they are truly fun and innovative concepts. Nitro brew coffee is delicious and has even been compared to drinking a Guinness. Infused nitrogen enhances the silky smoothness in the beverage and there’s an added entertainment factor of experiencing the eye-catching cascade effect.