OEM Partner Relationships

Air Products sells membrane separators in two simple ways:

  1. In large, (turn-key) nitrogen and process gas membrane systems
  2. To B2B OEM gas system builders to serve niche applications

nitrogen familyToday’s post provides details on our OEM partner relationships where we manufacture reliable, long lasting membrane separators for companies who build their own membrane systems. Examples of these specialty systems include controlled atmosphere systems for food preservation, nitrox systems for scuba diving, pneumatic air dryer systems, and biogas upgrading packages.

With diverse applications like this, it is intentional and beneficial for us to allow the application experts to build the systems in their own field of specialty.

That means that we can focus our efforts towards providing the best technical support to these partners and perfecting the membrane products. This supplier-to-customer relationship allows each party to specialize in their own field, and that’s what makes the membranes business successful.

Air Products offers OEM Partners 
Technical support
Preferred Pricing
Priority lead times
Occasional end user inquiries for system quotes

The OEM Partner’s Job
Build innovative gas generating or gas purifying systems using PRISM Membrane separators
Sell or rent completed systems to end users or distributors

Common OEM Applications
Nitrogen Generation
Hydrogen Recovery
Oxygen Enriched Air Generation
Biogas Upgrading
Compressed Air Dehydration

Common OEM Industries
Oil and Gas
Food and Beverage
Industrial Inerting

The PRISM Membranes Group is currently accepting new partnerships and encourages inquiries to membrane@airproducts.com.