Three Decades of Nitrogen.

PRISM Membranes is proud of the durability of the membrane separation products. Our customers depend on the PRISM Membrane equipment to provide a steady supply of nitrogen for oxygen-sensitive processes or to provide a safe working environment for flammable and explosive materials.

We received a call from the shop at one of the Northrup-Grumman facilities in Corinne, Utah, which was having some difficulties getting the nitrogen flow that was originally specified in their PRISM Membrane nitrogen system. The unit was due for some maintenance and it appeared that the membrane bundles needed to be replaced. We dispatched service techs to service a PRISM Nitrogen generator.

Investigating the serial numbers of the separators in question, it was obvious that the system was older, but the serial numbering didn’t exactly match the numbering format recorded in the Air Products archives. A little more detective work revealed the reason why – the system was constructed in the year 1992 and the separators were built by Permea, the business that was originally owned by Monsanto. The Permea business unit became part of the Air Products corporation around the same time so that is one of the last units manufactured under the old company name.

Permea Separator Label
Permea Separator Label from 1992

After 28 years on the job, the membrane fibers finally succumbed to all the effects of being fed by an oil-free compressor which was used to supply multiple departments on the campus. New fiber bundles were installed, and the system is generating nitrogen for everyone that needs it for their tasks.

We are penciling in the year 2048 on our service department schedule to update this set of membranes.