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If We Can’t Answer the Phone on Tuesday Mornings, You Now Know Why

We’re extra busy on Tuesday mornings! This is the time that the Site Director, and practically our whole entire membrane business, gathers together for a weekly manufacturing and quality control review. Our “Stand Up” meetings are casual and usually only last 15 minutes… but we are committed to being there every week to share ideas about improving quality and high productivity on our manufacturing floor. We’re proud that Continuous Improvement is part of our membrane manufacturing culture.

By the way, we’ll gladly call you back if you leave a message.

Patent Expiration Inspires Manufacturers

In September of 2012, Keurig’s patent on the original K-Cup expired. Manufactures in the food and beverage industry hustled to produce their own cartridge cups for single cup coffee makers. A few of these manufactures use small nitrogen systems that our preferred partner, The Titus Company, makes. On the inside of these systems are our PRISM nitrogen membrane separators which generate the nitrogen that the application requires. It’s exciting to hear of the diverse ways that our membrane is used…and in this case, the coffee grounds are surrounded in nitrogen before the foil lid is sealed to preserve the grounds better. Then, the coffee can be distributed to Amazon, or Target, or any other grocery store without losing flavor or spoiling.

Titus Nitrogen System
Titus Nitrogen System