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3 Compressed Air Dryer Products

We have three different categories of compressed air dryer products and multiple sizes of dryers in each family.

dryerpodcast1. PC Cactus Dryers– for simple, low pressure air drying applications

2. PE Dryers with external adjustable purges-for low pressure, adjustable air drying applications

3. High pressure dryers-for heavy duty drying applications up to 1100 psi

In this high-budget, (that was sarcastic) 3 minute podcast, we list reasons why you would choose an air dryer membrane system over refrigerated dryers or desiccant dryers. Play the podcast for a quick introduction to our compressed air dryer membrane products.

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Looking for Replacement Membrane Separators? This is how we do it…

  • If your membrane system is on a ship, please email for replacement membranes, system service, and spare parts.
  • If your membrane system involves a process gas application such as hydrogen or carbon monoxide separations, please email for replacement membranes or membrane system service.
  • If your membrane system was built by an Original Equipment Manufacturer such as TitusCo or Holtec, please contact the original builder for replacements. If you need help determining who the original builder is, please email the serial number from one of the old membranes to
  • Any other membrane related inquiries can go to