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Helium Extraction with Membrane Hybrid

Our process design experts, Don Henry and Cory Sanderson, will be presenting their research at the North American Membrane Society’s meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Don and Cory have developed a process to extract the valuable light gases, like helium and neon, using a membrane /PSA hybrid system. Here’s a glimpse into their research…

Light noble gases, primarily Helium and Neon, are rare in Earth’s atmosphere and upper mantle and difficult to produce. Yet the gases are highly valuable to the many diverse markets which depend on their specific chemical and physical properties.

Air Products has developed a hybrid membrane/adsorption process to extract and purify a Helium or Neon gas from a feed gas stream. The process combines the best features of both unit operations– high gas selectivity with a unique recycle control loop to create a process which has superior performance over any membrane or adsorption only process. The process has flexibility in both scale and source of gas which gives it a wide application and potential implementation strategy.

Want to learn more? Send us a quick note and we’ll be sure to get in touch with you. The researchers at Air Products PRISM Membranes are continually working on cutting-edge technology for gas separations. We may have the technology for your next system.

The Air Products Hybrid Membrane-Adsorption Process for Light Noble Gas Recovery presentation is being delivered at the North American Membrane Society Meeting May 11-15, 2019 at the Wyndham Grand Downtown, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania (USA).

Recycling Helium from Leak Detection Equipment

heliumElementPrism Membrane separators can be used to recover and recycle used helium from leak detection equipment. Helium is often the chosen molecule for detecting leaks in medical devices or industrial fuel lines because it is a small, fast traveling, inert molecule. Due to the world’s limited helium supply, recycling & reusing the valuable gas after leak testing is an economical and attractive effort.

The same reason why helium is chosen for leak detection also makes it a successful gas application for Prism Membrane separators. Fast permeability behavior assists the helium molecules in separating cleanly at high purities in order to be reused again.

We supply membrane separators to helium recycling equipment builders who package systems for end users. Please contact us if you are searching for a membrane supplier for helium recycling.




Membrane Separators for Helium Purification

heliumIt’s not one of our most common membrane applications, but we’ve noticed an uptick in Helium purification interests.

When it comes to permeation behavior, Helium is a very fast gas which means it can easily be separated from other slowly permeating gases. This behavior makes our membrane a great solution for recycling helium from aerostats or purifying heliox for low depth diving.PA4050N1_Isolated