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Our Feature in “Compressed Air Best Practices” Magazine

Our nitrogen and air dehydration membrane separators were featured in last week’s publication of Compressed Air Best Practices Magazine. The end user company, Basil V.R. Greatrex, worked with our partner company, Titus Co, to incorporate PRISM membrane technology into a nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy operation. The project required both high purity nitrogen generation and compressed air dehydration to a dew point of -80°C. Our business was happy to partner with Titus Co to achieve the solution. Read the full article here.

PE Adjustable Purge Membrane Dryer

OEM Partner Relationships

Air Products sells membrane separators in two simple ways:

  1. In large, (turn-key) nitrogen and process gas membrane systems
  2. To B2B OEM gas system builders to serve niche applications

nitrogen familyToday’s post provides details on our OEM partner relationships where we manufacture reliable, long lasting membrane separators for companies who build their own membrane systems. Examples of these specialty systems include controlled atmosphere systems for food preservation, nitrox systems for scuba diving, pneumatic air dryer systems, and biogas upgrading packages.

With diverse applications like this, it is intentional and beneficial for us to allow the application experts to build the systems in their own field of specialty.

That means that we can focus our efforts towards providing the best technical support to these partners and perfecting the membrane products. This supplier-to-customer relationship allows each party to specialize in their own field, and that’s what makes the membranes business successful.

Air Products offers OEM Partners 
Technical support
Preferred Pricing
Priority lead times
Occasional end user inquiries for system quotes

The OEM Partner’s Job
Build innovative gas generating or gas purifying systems using PRISM Membrane separators
Sell or rent completed systems to end users or distributors

Common OEM Applications
Nitrogen Generation
Hydrogen Recovery
Oxygen Enriched Air Generation
Biogas Upgrading
Compressed Air Dehydration

Common OEM Industries
Oil and Gas
Food and Beverage
Industrial Inerting

The PRISM Membranes Group is currently accepting new partnerships and encourages inquiries to


Nitrox Membrane Systems by Nuvair

Nuvair develops and offers multiple innovative membrane systems for breathing applications and scuba diving. Their systems eliminate the dangers of handling and exchanging pure oxygen cylinders and provide many benefits to the end users as well.

Nuvair’s nitrox systems can conveniently fill tanks or deliver continuous breathing gas at any desired oxygen level from 21 to 40 percent.

Features & Benefits to diving applications:
nuvair membrane system• Increased bottom time to depths of 120 feet
• Portable from dock to boat
• Enhanced safety
• Less fatigue following a dive
• Easily operated


Learn more about Nuvair’s nitrox membrane systems here.

New Wall-Mounted Membrane System

ecsOur innovative partner, Engineered Corrosion Solutions (ECS) recently commercialized a new wall mounted membrane system!

The “Fill and Purge” nitrogen membrane system displaces the oxygen in fire sprinkler piping to prevent corrosion.  The whole unit is conveniently sized and is well suited to inert dry sprinkler systems in retirement centers, shops, and other public locations. Learn more about the nitrogen capacity and installation steps in this comprehensive document.


It’s All About Nitro Coffee

joetapnitrobrewWe are thrilled to announce that our membrane has been selected for one of the most exciting developments in the beverage world, Nitro Coffee. Our partners, JoeTap and Micro Matic are cranking out countertop nitro systems designed for convenience stores, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and offices.

These membrane systems have an increased safety and convenience factor when compared to nitro coffee systems that use nitrogen cylinders. There are no repetitive tank changes or lugging of heavy cylinders. The membrane unit generates nitrogen on the spot with a ‘set it and forget it’ mentality for system operators.

The best part about being involved in nitrogen applications like nitro brew coffee is that they are truly fun and innovative concepts. Nitro brew coffee is delicious and has even been compared to drinking a Guinness. Infused nitrogen enhances the silky smoothness in the beverage and there’s an added entertainment factor of experiencing the eye-catching cascade effect.



Patented Coating Application Technology Uses Nitrogen

eurosiderNitrotherm Spray by Eurosider is a patented coating application technology which utilizes our Prism Membrane separators. These innovative systems use nitrogen as the carrier gas along with controlled temperature settings to achieve flawless coating applications. The systems reduce wasteful over-spraying and decrease application time.

In a recent article, Eurosider discussed the success of Nitrotherm Spray systems in the wood furniture market.  The application thrived in furniture manufacturing facilities in Europe and is now expanding into the United States. Automotive painting is another successful industry where the Nitrotherm Spray systems flourish.  To learn more about Eurosider’s innovative membrane systems, visit their booth at the Automechanika, tradeshow this week in Frankfurt, Germany.


How to Buy Prism Membrane Separators

We offer two options for procuring Prism membrane separators.
1. Buy a complete membrane system, engineered by Air Products
We offer turnkey membrane systems for large scale nitrogen production, shipboard gas generation, and process gas applications. Many of these systems are located in oil refineries, petrochemical plants, and ammonia production plants. Learn more about our membrane systems here.
2. Buy individual membrane separators and build your own systems
This is considered our “OEM” style of business. We partner with membrane system builders who have innovative applications for nitrogen, biogas, oxygen enriched air, and air dehydration. We supply the appropriate membrane, technical support, and preferred pricing and lead times while the OEM builds and sells the systems to end users. Learn more about our OEM partnerships and if you would like to use our membrane technology in your gas systems, please contact us here.