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PA4050 Membrane Performance

We’ve experienced an increase in requests for our particular PA4050-N1 membrane recently. This is our most commonly used membrane product and for your convenience, we posted the performance tables and data sheet below. This data table publishes the minimum guaranteed performance for our PA4050-N1, so it’s typical that the membranes received are even higher performing.


Our Feature in “Compressed Air Best Practices” Magazine

Our nitrogen and air dehydration membrane separators were featured in last week’s publication of Compressed Air Best Practices Magazine. The end user company, Basil V.R. Greatrex, worked with our partner company, Titus Co, to incorporate PRISM membrane technology into a nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy operation. The project required both high purity nitrogen generation and compressed air dehydration to a dew point of -80°C. Our business was happy to partner with Titus Co to achieve the solution. Read the full article here.

PE Adjustable Purge Membrane Dryer

Lightweight for Convenience

Packaging a PA4050Our nitrogen membrane products are designed to be lightweight for easy installation. Most of the units can be carried by one person. This makes system assembly and mobility convenient for OEM builders!

If your company packages nitrogen systems, please contact us to be your OEM supplier of lightweight membrane separators.

Nitrogen Membrane Weightsnitrogen family
PA1010 1.1 LBS, .5 KG
PA1020 1.6 LBS, .7 KG
PA3010 4.6 LBS, 2.1 KG
PA3020 6.3 LBS, 2.9 KG
PA3030 8.3 LBS, 3.8 KG
PA4030 14.6 LBS, 6.6 KG
PA4050 20.6 LBS, 9.3 KG
PA6050 39  LBS, 17.7 KG

PA3010 Membrane Separator

pa3010bOur PA3010 membrane product is conveniently sized for nitrogen or OEA systems that are restricted by space. It’s only about 15 inches in length, and about four inches in diameter. The product is available with either BSPP or NPT connection thread options.

The PA3010 has been used in applications such as beverage dispense systems, corrosion control systems, and small scuba diving systems. See the performance tables below for nitrogen flows and operating limits.



For High Flow Nitrogen Generation

Our PA6050 membrane separator is used in high flow nitrogen applications such as the following:

  • Controlled atmospheres for fruit preservation
  • Compression packages for oil and gas related inerting
  • Corrosion prevention in overhead sprinkler systems
  • Spray painting applications
  • Shipboard or offshore packages

This durable membrane product operates at temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and/or pressures up to 350 psi. View the performance charts below and click to see the full data sheets for PA6050 with N1 fiber and PA6050 with P3 fiber.