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Membrane Manufacturers Volunteer for Foster Home

Air Products PRISM Membranes employees recently participated in a Day of Caring philanthropy event with a local organization to benefit foster care homes.

Eight employees of the Prism Membranes manufacturing team volunteered their time to deconstruct an old shed and build a new shed in the backyard of a local foster home. The membranes group within Air Products is proud to support the local community and the spring weather made for a lovely day of outdoor work.

Prism Membranes Facility Hosts K-9 Training Event

The Air Products Prism Membranes facility in Saint Charles, Missouri recently assisted in a K-9 police training session. While unoccupied, the building hosted dogs and trainers from 8 local municipalities as they conducted various intruder and drug sniffing drills. The group safely utilized the facility’s office and front yard areas for certain search-and-find drills with the dogs.

Police officers at the four hour event expressed their appreciation for utilizing a different training location to offer variety in the dogs’ training sessions. Similar K-9 trials often occur in schools or office buildings on weekends. The Air Products Prism Membranes team was happy to lend their facility for this community-benefitting arrangement.

Holiday Celebrations

gifts2016aTo celebrate the upcoming holidays, the Air Products Prism Membranes employees in St. Louis Missouri donated gifts to 73 local children in need. Gifts were purchased based on the children’s wish-lists and included toys like dolls, legos, racecars, and jewelry making looms.

The celebration continued with a site-wide potluck luncheon where employees brought in their favorite dishes to share. A lighthearted trivia rivalry game followed the potluck lunch and generated big smiles.

The Air Products Prism Membranes Team celebrates their colleagues and community and wishes to extend the holiday greetings to you too!


Plant Efficiency

It’s “Photo Friday” and here is a snapshot of our new, maintenance free LED lights. We are focusing on efficiency and power reduction at our membrane manufacturing facility…and these new lights are a perfect upgrade!


Autopsying Membrane Separators (Part 2)

Autopsying Methods and Results
During our autopsy process, we look for failure modes such as broken fibers, contamination, or over pressurization. In order to investigate these failure modes, we conduct a lot of testing in our St. Louis facility’s autopsy lab. These tests often involve opening the modules, examining manufacturing consistency, and submersion testing, among many other techniques. As mentioned in last week’s ‘part one’ article, the overall goal of the autopsy tests is to identify areas where we can improve our membrane manufacturing as well as helping our customers achieve a long term, reliable membrane system performance.



Autopsying Membrane Separators (Part 1)

The Autopsying Concept and Benefits

The goal of our autopsy program is to learn about membrane failure modes both in mid service and at the membrane’s end of life. “The process is mutually beneficial for us and the customer,” said Mike Dobby. “We observe ways to improve the membrane quality and make system operation recommendations to users- to achieve the best possible performance and long membrane life.”

For years, our autopsy group has assisted in improving the quality of our membranes by indicating various findings which have led to product development strategies. See the photos below and check back with our blog next week for part 2 of the autopsying article.