PA4050 Membrane Performance

We’ve experienced an increase in requests for our particular PA4050-N1 membrane recently. This is our most commonly used membrane product and for your convenience, we posted the performance tables and data sheet below. This data table publishes the minimum guaranteed performance for our PA4050-N1, so it’s typical that the membranes received are even higher performing.


Customized Membrane Manufacturing

variety of Membranes2We provide the widest product range of membrane separators on the market, but sometimes there are still specific applications that require something different. Your membrane application might be restricted by physical dimensions, or shell materials… but don’t worry, we can manufacture customized membrane products. We’ve done this many times for the transportation industry when weight limits or government regulations required specific membrane product changes. Just tell us what you need!



Membrane Achievement Award

Kirkpatrick awardIt sits on a shelf in one of our conference rooms, and is often overlooked, but this Kirkpatrick award from 1981 is significant to our company history. At the time, our membranes group was a part of the Monsanto Company when we were credited for developing membranes to recover industrial gases. Membrane separation is more common now, but the concept was foreign and perplexing at the time. And as our development experts continue to master membrane manufacturing, we keep this chemical engineering award in mind to remind us of our beginnings.

Membrane Separators for Helium Purification

heliumIt’s not one of our most common membrane applications, but we’ve noticed an uptick in Helium purification interests.

When it comes to permeation behavior, Helium is a very fast gas which means it can easily be separated from other slowly permeating gases. This behavior makes our membrane a great solution for recycling helium from aerostats or purifying heliox for low depth diving.PA4050N1_Isolated

Our Feature in “Compressed Air Best Practices” Magazine

Our nitrogen and air dehydration membrane separators were featured in last week’s publication of Compressed Air Best Practices Magazine. The end user company, Basil V.R. Greatrex, worked with our partner company, Titus Co, to incorporate PRISM membrane technology into a nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy operation. The project required both high purity nitrogen generation and compressed air dehydration to a dew point of -80°C. Our business was happy to partner with Titus Co to achieve the solution. Read the full article here.

PE Adjustable Purge Membrane Dryer

Membrane Manufacturers Volunteer for Foster Home

Air Products PRISM Membranes employees recently participated in a Day of Caring philanthropy event with a local organization to benefit foster care homes.

Eight employees of the Prism Membranes manufacturing team volunteered their time to deconstruct an old shed and build a new shed in the backyard of a local foster home. The membranes group within Air Products is proud to support the local community and the spring weather made for a lovely day of outdoor work.

Creative Membrane Solution for Hydrogen Separation

We recently completed a project with a creative membrane solution for hydrogen separation in glycol manufacturing…And we published a white paper about it!
This project was unique because the feed gas operated at a low pressure, which meant that our typical process gas membrane separators were over-engineered for the system. Our team creatively proposed the idea to utilize a new membrane separator which is designed for small process gas and biogas separations.

“Using the PB6050 membrane separator makes sense in this processing facility. The low pressure, large gas flow volumes, and economic considerations all made this product and configuration the clear choice to meet all of the customer’s requirements.”

Don Henry – Senior Engineer, Air Products

The system used 104 PB6050 membrane separators for an economical hydrogen solution. Read the white paper here.

OEM Partner Relationships

Air Products sells membrane separators in two simple ways:

  1. In large, (turn-key) nitrogen and process gas membrane systems
  2. To B2B OEM gas system builders to serve niche applications

nitrogen familyToday’s post provides details on our OEM partner relationships where we manufacture reliable, long lasting membrane separators for companies who build their own membrane systems. Examples of these specialty systems include controlled atmosphere systems for food preservation, nitrox systems for scuba diving, pneumatic air dryer systems, and biogas upgrading packages.

With diverse applications like this, it is intentional and beneficial for us to allow the application experts to build the systems in their own field of specialty.

That means that we can focus our efforts towards providing the best technical support to these partners and perfecting the membrane products. This supplier-to-customer relationship allows each party to specialize in their own field, and that’s what makes the membranes business successful.

Air Products offers OEM Partners 
Technical support
Preferred Pricing
Priority lead times
Occasional end user inquiries for system quotes

The OEM Partner’s Job
Build innovative gas generating or gas purifying systems using PRISM Membrane separators
Sell or rent completed systems to end users or distributors

Common OEM Applications
Nitrogen Generation
Hydrogen Recovery
Oxygen Enriched Air Generation
Biogas Upgrading
Compressed Air Dehydration

Common OEM Industries
Oil and Gas
Food and Beverage
Industrial Inerting

The PRISM Membranes Group is currently accepting new partnerships and encourages inquiries to


Prism Membranes Facility Hosts K-9 Training Event

The Air Products Prism Membranes facility in Saint Charles, Missouri recently assisted in a K-9 police training session. While unoccupied, the building hosted dogs and trainers from 8 local municipalities as they conducted various intruder and drug sniffing drills. The group safely utilized the facility’s office and front yard areas for certain search-and-find drills with the dogs.

Police officers at the four hour event expressed their appreciation for utilizing a different training location to offer variety in the dogs’ training sessions. Similar K-9 trials often occur in schools or office buildings on weekends. The Air Products Prism Membranes team was happy to lend their facility for this community-benefitting arrangement.

Nitrox Membrane Systems by Nuvair

Nuvair develops and offers multiple innovative membrane systems for breathing applications and scuba diving. Their systems eliminate the dangers of handling and exchanging pure oxygen cylinders and provide many benefits to the end users as well.

Nuvair’s nitrox systems can conveniently fill tanks or deliver continuous breathing gas at any desired oxygen level from 21 to 40 percent.

Features & Benefits to diving applications:
nuvair membrane system• Increased bottom time to depths of 120 feet
• Portable from dock to boat
• Enhanced safety
• Less fatigue following a dive
• Easily operated


Learn more about Nuvair’s nitrox membrane systems here.